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Big congratulations to Peter Loughney. After ONLY 12 WEEK'S training @ Joe Dunne Fitness Charlestown Finglas classes. LOST 24 lbs DROPPED 8% BODYFAT LOST 13 INCHES 5 & a half off his waist. And he's not finished yet. Here's to 2018. If interested pm me or call/ text 0877902634. Email


Marcus came to me looking to do some personal training. His goal was to drop body fat , put on some lean muscle and tighten and toned his mid section. He did 3 personal training sessions a week for 4 weeks.Marcus had a background in football and doing some weight training. He wanted to get in better shape for Christmas. Here are his results. He dropped 6% body fat. Dropped 5lbs in weight. Increased 1 inch on his chest. Half and inch on his arms, up 1 inch on his gluten and 1 inch on each thigh and half inch on his calves. Lost 3 inches on his waist. Marcus stuck to the nutritional diet I provided. . As you can see in his photo's, he got great results from only 4 weeks. When you put in the right training and the right diet you can get great Results. Well done marcus.


Darren came to me looking to get Fitter, stronger and leaner. One of his goals was to complete the Geal force West adventure race. He has since completed the race and is planning on doing it again this summer and smashing his time.

Darren did a mix of personal training and classes. He gives 110% in every session. 

Keep up the good work darren


When I started training with Joe I was obese and had never really done a proper work out in my life so it’s safe to say I was pretty nervous.

I started with personal training which was tough to begin with but in no time at all I was loving it. I never thought I could enjoy working out as much as I did and when I began to see results in both my fitness and my appearance after just a couple of weeks there was no stopping me.

Joe made every session fun and challenging and I had 100% confidence in doing everything he told me I could do (no matter how crazy it seemed). I don’t know how he thinks up something different every time but he does, and you never get sick of training or god forbid get bored with what you’re doing. You leave the gym every day with a sense of achievement.

The change in your mind frame, confidence and the quest to become healthier is amazing once you start to improve your fitness and I soon started to wonder how I was ever so unhealthy. As I was also studying and working full time the improvement in my energy level was a very welcome bonus.

All of the classes at the gym are super and 4 years later he still can’t get rid of me! I can’t recommend Joe highly enough for both PT and classes and would encourage anyone thinking about it to take the plunge, you won’t regret it!


I started training with Joe when I came back from Australia in 2010. I had put on 22lbs while over there. He showed me techniques & exercises that I had never done and made the gym interesting. I have now developed a love for the gym & fitness which I never thought possible. I did a combination of personal training and Bootcamp and really enjoyed both. I would recommend Joe to anyone looking to get into shape.


I used to think that walking on the treadmill for an hour was the best way to lose weight. At first, it worked, but I soon got bored, doing the same thing every day and my weight actually started to go up. I was eating more because the exercise was making me hungry. I decided to have a consultation with Joe, and said I’d do a course of sessions with him. Joe introduced weights into my workout, which completely changed my body shape. The sessions were giving me results so I kept going back to him. When I started, I was 11st 4lbs with 34% body fat. I’m now 10st with 20% body fat and 2-3 dress sizes smaller! I can honestly say that after 5 years of training with Joe, he still manages to keep it interesting. We have done everything from boxing, kettle bells, circuits, TRX, swiss ball… the list is endless, but we never do the same routine twice. I’d really like to thank Joe for being a brilliant source of support and motivation. With his help and encouragement I have become one of those people that loves the gym (I never thought that was possible!). This has helped me both physically and mentally as well as giving me the confidence and help to achieve things on a personal level that I didn’t think I was capable of. I honestly cannot recommend Joe highly enough, and wish him the very best in his career in the future.


I started Bootcamp with Joe at 11 1/2 stone. Before that, I had been going to the gym for 6 months but not getting any results. Within 8 months of Bootcamp I had lost almost 2 stone. I have kept the weight of and now, 9 months after having my daughter and doing Bootcamp twice a week, I weigh 9 stone 2 pounds.

Joe is a super trainer, gives his all and pushes hard. His classes are never the same and always challenging. I would recommend him to people of all levels of fitness.


Joe has been my personal trainer for a year and a half now following the birth of my son. He makes me work really hard with challenging work-outs, but there is always a great atmosphere. Since training with Joe I’ve lost 7% body fat and inches all over, I am now in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy! Now I enjoy working out and feel motivated to do even better


Joe provides an excellent personal training service that is not just focused on the physical side of fitness in the gym, he offers nutrition advice with a realistic balanced approach that ensures you can actually reach your goals.  I started training with joe over 8 years ago.  I had started to make small changes knowing that I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle so was half way there in terms of wanting to change.  Joe put me on the right path and guided me to where I now am.  I couldn’t have done it without him.  His motivation, energy and knowledge of the body is second to none.  More than anything I now Love my training sessions and have a great laugh while working out.  My results speak for themselves I’m over 6 ½ stone lighter than when I started.  Highly recommend.


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